Why I’m Starting This Blog

As a newly hired speech-language therapist in the middle of my graduate program, I’m quickly finding that our field has the opportunity to be revolutionized by the newest technology that is available. If we choose to use these tools efficiently and appropriately, our options are endless.

I’ve come across two main groups of people who are reluctant to use technology such as tablets and phones in therapy: 1. People who simply don’t know how to use the technology, and 2. People who are afraid of the technology, concerned that it will soon be doing our jobs for us. I’m hoping that this blog will give the first group a starting point from which they can begin exploring the opportunities the technology has to offer. However, I’m also hoping that this blog will help dispel the fears of the second group. It’s important to understand that apps I will be reviewing are simply tools (albeit pretty darn cool tools) we can manipulate using our knowledge and skills. They will likely take over part of our roles as technicians, but that is a good thing! What distinguishes us from technicians is our ability to assess a situation and react appropriately–this is what makes us clinicians and pathologists. It’s only ethical that we use the resources available to us to provide those we support with the best possible services.

For more information about who I am and the focus of this blog, see the About section. Let’s get started!

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