WH Questions at Home Fun Deck

What It Is: A “wh” questions virtual deck of flash cards from Super Duper. (There is also a similar deck by Super Duper called “WH Questions at School Fun Deck”.)

Price: $1.99 (both Apple and Android)

OS: Apple, Android

How It Works: This app is pretty basic. Similar to their printed decks of cards, it offers 56 what, who, where, when, and why questions with related illustrations. However, the app also allows you to enter the names of your students and take data on their responses right in the app. You can see a list of questions and check/uncheck which questions you’d like to use (e.g. only “why” questions). If you choose to keep the sound turned up on your device, a voice will read the questions when the screen is touched. You can flip between pictures like you would any flash card deck.

My Therapy Applications: With my preschoolers, my use for this app was initially quite limited as the questions seem to be more appropriate for grade-schoolers. I have started to use the questions as good conversation starters, however. I could also see it being great for elementary/middle-school children.

Pros: 1. The price is quite reasonable considering that a printed deck of 22 comparable “wh” questions cards runs for roughly $20.

2. Easy to use.

3. In-app data-taking ability by student. (Can do up to a group of 5 at one time.)

4. Questions are functional and based on “real-life” scenarios. They can be great conversation starters.

Cons: 1. Compared to printed decks, which often have around 22 cards per question type (e.g. “what”), there are only 56 questions total for all question types. This makes it easy for kids to memorize answers instead of actually focusing on using strategies for appropriate responses. The kids I’ve used it with have gotten bored.

2. The app seems to be appropriate for a specific age group. Preschoolers may need a TON of prompting to be able to reason through the scenarios, as they are often relatively complex. Adolescents/adults may find them patronizing.

3. Data is not saved within the app. Before exiting the app, it would be necessary to jot down or email yourself the results.

Overall Rating: 3/5

The Take-Away: Overall, the app is worth the purchase but doesn’t offer as much as I’d expected from the company. In the future, hopefully Super Duper will add more cards. I’d also love it if they could add different age groups (e.g. preschool, school-age, adult). In a few words, it is good for what it is, but I think it could easily be more extensive.

 Looking for expert reviews of this app? Check it out on YappGuru.com! 

4 thoughts on “WH Questions at Home Fun Deck

  1. Love these apps. They are simple and require no loose cards to lose. Wish the results were saved. The price now is permanently $1.99

  2. Hey call super duper with your suggestions. They want to hear them! The guy called us back even to discuss the apps!

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