Cookie Doodle

Just a quick, fun app to kick off your week!

What It Is: A cookie-making (and -decorating) app by Shoe the Goose.

Price: $.99

How It Works: The app has two broad options: recipes and instant. Both allow you to pick from 24 different types of cookies. The recipes option allows you to make the cookie from scratch. Adding the ingredients to the bowl is highly interactive, with pouring and shaking and sifting and squeezing needed, just to name a few. Once all the ingredients have been added and mixed, the user rolls out the dough (this is also where the instant option begins if you so choose). Then, there is a choice between a cookie cutter or using a knife to design your own cookie shape.  After this, the user gets to bake and decorate the cookie. There are seemingly endless options of sprinkles, candies, frosting, piping, and even adding your own photos or text. After this, you can eat the cookie or go to the “cookie jar,” where there are options concerning plate and tablecloth and more.

My Therapy Applications: Personally, I prefer the recipes option because there are SO many speech- and language-based goals that can be addressed during baking activities. From vocabulary to articulation to direction-following to associating words with a physical modality, it seems like nearly anything can be taught during use of this app. Of course, it does not replace the “real deal”; however, it is a pretty good substitution in environments where baking isn’t plausible–or as a pre-teaching activity to reduce the cognitive load during actual baking later.

Pros: 1. Price. 🙂

2. SO many options. You could easily make thousands of variations without getting a duplicate. If you do somehow make them all, there is always the personalization or the cut-your-own-shape option.

3. The purpose of the app is functional, not abstract. It stays fairly true-to-life, so it would be easy to generalize this activity to actual baking. (And hopefully it will be easy to generalize the skills learned during the activity, too!)

4. This app can serve many, many purposes. Best of all, it’s technically geared toward children but could be age-appropriate for a wide variety of populations.

5. Highly interactive but simplistically so.

Cons: 1. There is a lot of quick movement of the iPad/iPhone involved in this app–make sure you know your client(s) and have a good case on the device. 🙂

2. Navigation can be a tad tricky in some parts–for example, the cookie jar tends to be a bit confusing to navigate and is apparently not actually a cookie jar.

The Take-Away: For $.99, I would encourage SLPs to buy this app if it only had a tenth of the options it currently has. It is an amazing app with far more options than I expected and so many opportunities for speech and language development. Enjoy!

My Questions for You: Have you used this app? What are some of the goals/objectives you’ve focused on while using it? What populations/age groups have enjoyed it?

Looking for expert reviews of this app? Check it out on! 

11 thoughts on “Cookie Doodle

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  3. I have used this app to target following directions and turn taking. My elementary schoolers love it. I’ve used it with Kindergartners as well as 4th graders and all have definitely enjoyed it. It also makes a great reward after working hard in therapy.

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  8. I just got this app and I love it! I have used it to work on verbs and their tenses (I am sifting the flour. I sifted the flour.) I have also used it for artic to check for maintenance of corrected sounds in connected speech. Because my student is so engrossed in the game I hear her natural speech come out while she is explaining to me what she is doing.

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