Cake Doodle

Because this app is so (intentionally) similar to the Cookie Doodle app, I debated whether or not it was appropriate to write a separate review for it. But then I realized that 1. it’s my birthday, so I get to do what I want 🙂 and 2. it’s going to be pretty hard for all of you to make me cakes all around the world, so I’d better make your lives easier by showing you a digital version. 😉 (Insert sigh of relief.) Enjoy your baking!

What It Is: A cake-making (and -decorating) app by Shoe the Goose (the same ones who made Cookie Doodle).

Price: $.99

Version: 1.08.1

How It Works: Similar to the cookie version of the app, you start by choosing which type of cake you’d like (from 18 flavors). Unlike the cookie version, there is only one instant recipe–the rest must be made from scratch. If you choose a from-scratch flavor, you then are prompted to add in the ingredients. Like the cookie version, these are all quite interactive; however, there are some new ingredients in the cakes that aren’t in the cookies, which is nice for switching things up a bit. Then, mix the ingredients together, pick from the 22 shapes of cakes (e.g. heart, two-tier heart, sheet), stick it in the oven, and decorate! There are 49 colors of frosting plus an option to make your own shade, various decorating tips (like ones to broadly frost the cake and ones that make little flowers or seashells), tools (like adding text or photos), and toppers (like wedding figurines or candles or balloons). Once you’re done, you can eat it!

My Therapy Applications: For the most part, I’m just going to take this right from my Cookie Doodle review and say that almost any goal can be addressed during this baking activity. From vocabulary to articulation to direction-following to associating words with a physical modality, it seems like nearly anything can be taught during use of this app. Of course, it does not replace the “real deal”; however, it is a pretty good substitution in environments where baking isn’t plausible–or as a pre-teaching activity to reduce the cognitive load during actual baking later. In addition, it’s a cool way to celebrate birthdays. As an itinerant speech-language therapist, I’m often not allowed to bring food into preschools and daycares and whatnot, so we “make cakes” using this app. It’s not a perfect substitute for, say, my dad’s cakes, but it’s still a fun way to recognize kids’ birthdays.

Pros: 1. Price. 🙂

2. SO many options. You could easily make thousands of variations without getting a duplicate. If you do somehow make them all, there is always the personalization option (e.g. photos).

3. The purpose of the app is functional, not abstract. It stays fairly true-to-life, so it would be easy to generalize this activity to actual baking. (And hopefully it will be easy to generalize the skills learned during the activity, too!)

4. This app can serve many, many purposes. Best of all, it’s technically geared toward children but could be age-appropriate for a wide variety of populations.

5. Highly interactive but simplistically so.

Cons: 1. There is a lot of quick movement of the iPad/iPhone involved in this app–make sure you know your client(s) and have a good case on the device. 🙂

2. You can’t pour the batter into the individual pans or place the various sheets on top of eachother. The app does this for you, which can be a little disappointing.

3. There is no “cake jar” like the cookie jar in the cookie version. This makes sense (at least, I don’t know anyone with a cake jar in his or her house), but the kids miss this part.

The Take-Away: Just like the cookie version, I would encourage SLPs to buy this app if it only had a tenth of the options it currently has. It is an amazing app with far more options than I expected and so many opportunities for speech and language development. Enjoy!

My Questions for You: Have you used this app? What are some of the goals/objectives you’ve focused on while using it? What populations/age groups have enjoyed it? MOST IMPORTANTLY: what kind of cake are you making me for my birthday? 🙂

Looking for expert reviews of this app? Check it out on!

5 thoughts on “Cake Doodle

  1. I have used this app in a similar fashion to how I used cookie doodle. My elementary school students are engaged by it and it is a fun way to practice following directions. I also like how these apps expose kids to a variety of baking related vocabulary words and to fraction in a more real world scenario.

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