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Going through my apps list recently, I have to laugh at how many of them involve what I refer to as “the three T’s” (tractors, trucks, & trains), which are staples in many preschoolers’ play. I worked with one boy in particular who was obsessed with these things. While I’m happy to say he progressed nicely and was able to be dismissed from therapy, I’m a little bummed that I won’t get to show him this new app! It’s perfect for those “three T”-loving kids.

What It Is: A collection of truck-themed activities by Duck Duck Moose.

Price: $1.99

Version: 1.0

Five Scenes

How It Works: There are currently five scenes from which to choose. The first is a car wash. The user gets the truck dirty in a mud puddle, scrubs it clean, and rinses/dries it. The second scene is fixing a flat tire. The user gets to pop the tire, tow the vehicle, and change the tire. The third scene involves cleaning up garbage. The user sorts the litter on the street into correct containers (garbage, compost, recycling) then puts them in the appropriately labeled trucks. The fourth scene features a traffic light scene with a variety of vehicles. Tapping the light results in the cars slowing, accelerating, or stopping. Touching the vehicles has a variety of affects (e.g. touching the cement mixer causes the cement to come out and touching the truck causes it to stop which results in someone rear-ending it). The fifth scene is a pit. A dump truck drops various material into the pit and a backhoe picks it up.

Car Wash Scene–great for sequencing

Therapy Applications: The app is advertised as teaching children about sequencing, sorting, and problem-solving while encouraging imagination and experimentation. That is a hefty claim! During my therapy, I’ve found that the app does address all of these things but sometimes in limited ways. For example, the car wash and flat tire scenes are excellent for sequencing (think: needing to wash the car before you can dry it and needing to lower the car jack before you can drive off) whereas there is less sequencing involved in the other scenes. The garbage truck scene is good for sorting. I’ve found children love the traffic light scene for imaginative play but are often quickly bored with the dump truck/backhoe scene. It’s easy to incorporate other language/cognitive goals like inferencing/reasoning/problem-solving (“Why does the dump truck beep when it backs up?”), following directions, and wh-questions. It’s also great as an ice-breaker/language-eliciter. And as with many apps, articulation/phonology can be addressed incidentally. (I’ve used this app to address fronting in particular.) While I’ve only used this app with preschoolers, several of the scenes could be good for older toddlers and perhaps some very early elementary, too.

Street Cleaning Scene–great for sorting

Pros: 1. Price.

2. Variety of goals that can be addressed.

3. Errorless learning–the user is not penalized for incorrect attempts but is unable to move to the next “step” until the sequence/sorting is correct.

4. Each scene cycles, so it’s easy to repeat as necessary and is less distracting for the kids.

Cons: 1. Unfortunately, the app can be inconsistent in its ability to hold children’s attention. Usually the kids love the vehicles and scenes but find that they have experienced everything in a scene very quickly.

2. Some scenes have very clear verbal instructions while others do not. It would be nice to have more consistently in this area.

Flat Tire Scene–great for sequencing and inferencing

The Take-Away: I’m satisfied with my purchase. It’s a great conversation-starter and fun way to engage the kids while still teaching some important skills. I am a little bummed that the app doesn’t offer more, but I’m hopeful that it will continue to be developed.

My Questions for You: How would you use this app in therapy? Would it hold your clients’ attention long enough to be useful?

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5 thoughts on “Trucks HD

  1. Super cute app, thanks for the review! I have a couple of “vehicle” type apps and they’re big hits so I’m always looking for more!
    This company’s word & puzzle apps also interest me.

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  3. I use this app for receptive and expressive labeling, following directions (pop the tire with the fork, or put on the rainbow wheels,etc), and sorting. Sometimes I let someone just take 2 minutes for themselves…I put on the timer in the background and my kids know that when the timer goes off they’re done. Most are good about finishing what they’re doing when they hear the bell ring. Look for a visual timer app that can run in the background of any other program.

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