GIVEAWAY: LessonPix!

LessonPix has generously donated a one-year subscription (worth $24.99) to their website for one of my lucky readers! One of the things that struck me when I was reviewing their site was how I would never be able to include all the possible ways their product could be used by SLPs/SLTs/SLP2Bs. While I included quite a few, I want to hear YOUR perspective on how you could use LessonPix. The point is to give future readers more ideas. To enter, simply leave a comment under my LessonPix review. You could include thought on what material(s) you think would be most effective, what goals you could work on, your favorite feature that the site offers, suggestions for how the site could improve, etc. Some guidelines…

1. Your comment can be as long or as short as you’d like, but try to provide some quality information. The point is to share with current and future readers so that they will have a better understanding (and more viewpoints than just mine) of the product.

2. Make sure to comment on my review of LessonPix to enter, and please just enter once.

3. Make sure your comment isn’t anonymous, or I won’t know who to give credit to! You don’t have to give your full name if you’d prefer, but make it so that you will be easily distinguishable. Also, make sure you’re following me on Twitter (@atklingensmith) or are following the blog so we have a way to contact each other if you win.

4. Any SLP/SLT is welcome to participate! And SLP2Bs, if you will soon have a use for this product or could use it in practicum placements, you are more than welcome to participate as well!

5. The giveaway contest will end next Tuesday, July 17th and I will announce the winner the following day.

Good luck, and have fun! This is a lighthearted opportunity to win an great subscription and share knowledge between SLPs! Feel free to comment below, email me (atklingensmith @ gmail . com), or contact me on Twitter with any questions.

15 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: LessonPix!

  1. Another great resource for visual supports! I look forward to checking it out. As an SLP who specializes in Augmentative communication I am always on the lookout for low cost ways to create visual schedules, activity specific communication boards, social stories, visual “job coach” supports (for understanding the steps needed to complete a task), social scripts with visual supports, and a whole host of other visual language supports!

  2. I always see this and wanted to learn more. Winning would be great!!!!! I follow you!! I am an SLP in a public elementary school with a limited budget and this would be SOO helpful!

  3. Winning this would be great!!!!! I am an SLP in a school system and travel between two buildings. I also have a very limited budget and this would be so convenient and helpful!

  4. I’m always looking for new materials to use with the kids. They probably don’t get bored with stuff, but I certainly do. New materials keep me fresh and it’s always a treat to come back to something I’ve used in the past. Anything that helps me create homework, social stories and activities for groups is always wanted.

    • For whatever reason, it is always MUCH harder for me to think of fresh materials for homework than it is for in-therapy activities–LessonPix can definitely be useful for this purpose.

  5. I’m an SLT working with kids and adults with ID and ASD. Had a play on this site and loved it. The sound finder would be so handy for making up speech materials. So nice to see something so affordable. Pity some of my adults would
    Probably not be able to switch systems! Also some units don’t have Internet access. But for my new ASD units who have so little budget this would be amazing!!!

  6. Wow…this seems like it has endless possibilities. My students do so much better when I can provide them with some followup activities to do with their parents at home. The parents are also grateful to have a concrete way to practice the various language and articulation skills at home with their students. I could see so many fun materials I could make that would be personalized for each of my students with this subscription! I loved the sound finder and the minimal pairs searches right off the bat. I also liked how quick and easy it is to make materials. Time is a key factor in preparing and sharing materials.

      • Thanks so much for sharing, Blair. I mentioned to someone else that, for whatever reason, I have more trouble being creative with homework activities than I do in therapy. Having a quick tool to help me generate some fun take-home materials is so great. Glad to “meet” another of Mary’s subscribers! (Don’t you just love her blog?!)

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