APP GIVEAWAY: Visual Attention TherAppy!

Once again, app developer Tactus TherAppy Solutions has generously offered to give away a copy of their Visual Attention TherAppy app (see my review)! As with previous giveaways, the primary purpose of the giveaway is to get one of my lovely readers a free app. 🙂 The secondary purposes of the giveaway will be to increase critical thinking about using apps and get SLPs/SLTs/SLP2Bs to share their experiences. To do this, I will be doing a random drawing of the winner. To enter, you must comment on one or more of the blog posts offering some thoughts about the app (e.g. how you use it, how it could be used, pros/cons). The more posts you comment on, the more likely you are to win–you can earn one entry into the drawing per post you comment on! Rules have always made me nervous (I tend to think of them more as guidelines), so here are some suggestions for participating:

1. Your comments can be as long or as short as you’d like, but try to provide some quality information. The point is to share with current and future readers so that they will have a better understanding (and more viewpoints than just mine) of the app.

2. You can comment on ANY of my posts to enter. Again, the more posts you comment on, the more entries you get into the giveaway drawing. Comment on as many posts as you’d like. 🙂

3. Sharing does not necessarily have to involve how you’ve used the app on which you’re commenting. If you’ve never used it before, feel free to comment with questions or concerns, different ways you could see it being used, etc. If you have used the app, is there anything you’d like to add to my review? Any more pros/cons, therapy applications, objectives that can be addressed, etc?  Your options are endless. 🙂

4. Any SLP/SLT is welcome to participate! And SLP2Bs, if you will soon have a use for this app or could use it in practicum placements, you are more than welcome to participate as well!

5. Make sure your comment isn’t anonymous, or I won’t know who to give credit to! You don’t have to give your full name if you’d prefer, but make it so that you will be easily distinguishable. Make sure you’re either following the blog, following me on Twitter (@atklingensmith), or are entering with an email that you check frequently so that I’ll be able to contact you if you win!

6. The giveaway contest will end this Thursday, September 27th! Any comments you make between now and then will be entered into the random drawing, and the lucky winner will be announced Friday the 28th!

Good luck, and have fun! This is a lighthearted opportunity to win an app and share knowledge between SLPs! Feel free to comment below, email me (atklingensmith @ gmail . com), or contact me on Twitter with any questions.

5 thoughts on “APP GIVEAWAY: Visual Attention TherAppy!

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  2. Your review was great. I think you really hit the nail on the head with how the app works and how to use it. I told the OTs in my office about this app and they seemed really excited about it. I have the lite version and just tried it on one of my patients (child) who I’m trying to figure out if he has dyslexia or visual perception difficulties. We took the test first and he started at the middle/bottom right area and then went all over the screen to find the targets. Then we did practice and this time he started from the top right side and tried to go left. He was completely thrown off when I told him he had to go left to right. After a few tries he got better and better and the error feedback was great for him. He’s never been tested for dyslexia, but will be fully evaluated by an OT soon.

    • It is so helpful to get your feedback on this! I have actually never had a client with dyslexia, so I was hoping someone would chime in about this! Great to know how he reacted to it. Such a fascinating disorder.

  3. Thanks for the review and giveaway! I read your review, then went and downloaded the lite version. I am very excited about it. I hope to use it with a hearing impaired boy with ADHD. I want to see it we can get him to focus on something in front of him. Right now he want to look all over the room instead of at his paper!

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