#SLPeepsville: Why You Love Where You Live Photo-of-the-Day Challenge!

It’s that time of year again! You know, the time where the weather warms up and we’re all happy with where we live again. 😉 Oh, and the time where the #SLPeeps start dreaming up photo-of-the-day challenges! This year we’re combining those two things, and Speechie Apps gets to host. What does this have to do with SLPs and technology, you ask? Well, er, it will be a bunch of SLPs increasing camaraderie via technology! And it will be fun. And there will be prizes! So, here’s the deal…

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.23.33 PM

Example post. Make sure to use the hashtag #SLPeepsville!

1. Each day, post a photo to Twitter in response to the question prompts below. Be sure to use the hashtag #SLPeepsville to get “credit” for your photo. Each photo counts as an entry into the randomized drawing. The more photos you put up, the more likely you are to win a prize!

2. If you miss a day or two, or you decide to join in partway through the month, feel free to make up any days you wish. If you’re traveling and want to post pics of your temporary living spaces instead, feel free to do that, too. We’re pretty lax about rules around here. 😉

3. Prizes. 🙂 Our lovely LessonPix has generously donated a one year subscription to one of the winners! I will also keep you updated on a couple other prizes I have up my sleeve, too. Update: Tactus Therapy has also donated a prize: winner’s choice of one of their apps (under $25)!!!

Here are the prompts for each day:


It’s as simple as that! Start snapping!

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