A little bit more about me and this blog…

headshot2First, I am just a speech-language pathologist trying to take advantage of the technology that’s out there. However, I am hoping that my reviews can help others looking for high quality apps that can be used in speech-language therapy. As I stated in my first post, these apps are simply tools and can only be as effective as the clinician that uses them. They can provide some amazing therapy opportunities when used appropriately.

Second, I recently was hired as an SLP in an acute inpatient hospital in Kansas, and my caseload will be mostly adults. However, I have also worked in New York as an itinerant speech-language therapist traveling to preschoolers’ homes, so some of my app reviews reflect my experiences with this population. In addition, I worked for six years as a direct support staff with adults with developmental disabilities. Hopefully these opportunities will allow me to explore apps for a variety of populations and settings.

Third, while I can only do so much on my little blog, I am co-founding partner and director of website content development of a much larger community called Yapp Guru. We’re currently in public beta, but we’re already worth joining! Basically, Yapp Guru brings all of these app-review blogs like mine together in one place, so you can search using keywords or other criteria to find therapy-related apps. You can see the salient information right on the Yapp Guru site, then you can click back to here (or any of the other connected blogs) to see more detailed information as needed. It makes it easy for you to search and get all your therapy app info in one place, while still relying on the app experts that are already producing the information! Have I convinced you yet?? Seriously, go check it out already. 🙂

Finally, PLEASE feel free to fill out the contact form, comment below, or contact me on Twitter (@atklingensmith) with any questions or suggestions for apps to review! Many of my reviews are of apps for Apple products (e.g. iPad/iPhone/iPod) because, as of now, Apple holds an edge over their competitors as far as speech/language apps are concerned. That being said, I am a diehard Android fan, and I own a Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy SIII, so I am more than willing to test out Android apps as well.

I hope you find these reviews informative and helpful!

Aubrey Taylor Klingensmith

10 thoughts on “About

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  2. Aubrey,

    I just came across your website and your review of the apps is amazing. Thank you so much. I will share this amazing site with my colleagues in Australia. Thanks Linda

    • Hi Linda! So glad the reviews have been helpful. Thanks for sharing the site with your colleagues, too. I appreciate any feedback you have on the individual reviews or the site in general!

  3. Aubrey, Could you recommend a Speech Pathologist/ music therapist in wichita ( as I am right now in wichita)who would be willing to help my son with music intonation therapy? so that he could speak after the stroke 3 years ago? Thank you in advance for your reply.

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