Apps List

Here is an alphabetical list of all the apps I have reviewed, categorized by operating system (Apple, Android, or both). Each item in the list is linked to my review of it. If you become aware of any of these apps becoming available on both operating systems, let me know and I’ll update them!

Apple Only

AAC Evaluation Genie


Avaz for Autism

Bag Game (also see this post for a pirate twist)

Ben the Tractor and the Lost Sheep

Bug Builder

Bugs and Buttons

Cake Doodle

Category TherAppy

Comparative Adjectives

Comprehension TherAppy

Conversation TherAppy

Cookie Doodle

Create a Car

a Dentist Crocodile



Flashcards by Me



Heroes of the City



Kids Traffic Light

The Little Engine That Could

Mask Doodle

Minimal Pair Pack

My Spelling Test

Odd One Out Pack


Pirate Treasure Hunt: Eight Challenges


Preposition Pets

Profile of Phonological Awareness (Pro-Pa)

Real Piano HD

SLP Minimal Pairs


Speech Cards Professional

SpeechHero AAC

Speech Trainer

Sunny Articulation & Phonology Test

Talk+ Touch

Talking Train


Timer+ Touch HD

Toca Tea Party

Trucks HD

The Urinal Game

Visual Attention TherAppy

WH Question Cards – Pro


Android Only

Kids Socks


Animal Train

Bowling Paradise

Dr. Panda’s Hospital

Dr. Panda, Teach Me!

Dr. Panda’s Veggie Garden



ezPDF Reader (also see this post for a pirate twist)


My PlayHome

Remember the Milk


The Princess and the Pea

Understanding Inferences Fun Deck

WH Questions at Home Fun Deck

6 thoughts on “Apps List

  1. This is a wonderful list, thanks! I would like to also suggest you review and add “AAC Autism myVoice Communicator” for android. It’s inexpensive (less than $3) and far better in simplistic layout and design than other AAC’s. My son picked it up right away and loves it. It’s customizable and it’s all included in the original cost. Works great! I think more people should be aware of this app! I have it on my Droid phone from Google Play.

    And, my son also uses it on his Kindle Fire. It’s available on the Amazon appstore also.

    Will you be including reviews for apps from Amazon for Kindle Fire? That would be great! I know many special needs families such as mine are turning to the Kindle Fire as the less expensive tablet alternative to the iPad.

    Mark Nunez

    • Hi Mark! Thanks for the suggestion! I am always looking for more Android-based apps, so I will check that out.
      I haven’t focused on Kindle/Nook reviews, mainly because I do not own any of these devices. However, I do recognize that more people are beginning to purchase them for therapy/education-related purposes, so I will try to be more aware of what is available for them. In addition, I’d recommend you check out another site I’m involved in, The site is an aggregate online community that incorporates reviews from a variety of review sites like this one. It also has a large directory of therapy/education-related apps. So you can go on and search the directory by keyword, device (e.g. Kindle specifically), skill targeted, etc. Many of the apps in this directory have snapshot reviews that link back to original reviews from a number of reputable blogs. It is still in public beta, so we are still building up a comprehensive app base. However, it already has plenty of Android/Kindle-based apps for you to peruse.
      Hope this helps!

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