Guest Post: Dysphagia2Go

Note from Speechie Apps: I am SO excited to have Tiffani Wallace of Dysphagia Ramblings guest blogging today! Tiffani is an SLP in an acute care hospital, the go-to expert on dysphagia in Twitter’s world of #slpeeps, and an app co-author. This post marks a couple different “firsts” for Speechie Apps: first guest blogger and first time having an app author explain her own app. The field of dysphagia is both complex and specific, and an unfortunate few apps have been developed for this area, so I was thrilled when Tiffani graciously agreed to this review. I think it provides a unique perspective that I would not be able to offer my readers by myself. She has given a wonderfully detailed description of the background of the app’s development, how the app works, tips on how to use it most successfully, and even a “cons” section! I can’t wait to hear what my readers think. Anyhow, enough of my blabbing! Check out her thoughts, give her and other readers some feedback, and DEFINITELY go buzz around her blog

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