APP GIVEAWAY: Comprehension TherAppy!

App developer Tactus TherAppy Solutions has generously offered to give away two copies of their Comprehension TherAppy app to accompany my review of it! (And it’s just in time for National Aphasia Awareness Month!) The primary purpose of the giveaway is to get some of my lovely readers a free app. πŸ™‚ The secondary purposes of the giveaway will be to increase critical thinking about using apps and get SLPs/SLTs/SLP2Bs to share their experiences. To do this, I will be doing a random drawing of two winners. To enter, you must comment on one or more of the blog posts offering some thoughts about the app (e.g. how you use it, how it could be used, pros/cons). The more posts you comment on, the more likely you are to win–you can earn one entry into the drawing per post you comment on! Rules have always made me nervous (I tend to think of them more as guidelines), so here are some suggestions for participating:

1. Your comments can be as long or as short as you’d like, but try to provide some quality information. The point is to share with current and future readers so that they will have a better understanding (and more viewpoints than just mine) of the app.

2. You can comment on ANY of my posts to enter. Again, the more posts you comment on, the more entries you get into the giveaway drawing. Comment on as many posts as you’d like. πŸ™‚

3. Sharing does not necessarily have to involve how you’ve used the app on which you’re commenting. If you’ve never used it before, feel free to comment with questions or concerns, different ways you could see it being used, etc. If you have used the app, is there anything you’d like to add to my review? Any more pros/cons, therapy applications, objectives that can be addressed, etc? Β Your options are endless. πŸ™‚

4. Any SLP/SLT is welcome to participate! AndΒ SLP2Bs, if you will soon have a use for this app or could use it in practicum placements, you are more than welcome to participate as well!

5. Make sure your comment isn’t anonymous, or I won’t know who to give credit to! You don’t have to give your full name if you’d prefer, but make it so that you will be easily distinguishable. Also, make sure you’re following me on Twitter (@atklingensmith) or are following the blog so we have a way to contact each other if you win.

6. The giveaway contest will end next Thursday, June 14th. Any comments you make between now and then will be entered into the random drawing, and two lucky winners will come away with a great app.

Good luck, and have fun! This is a lighthearted opportunity to win an app and share knowledge between SLPs! Feel free to comment below, email me (atklingensmith @ gmail . com), or contact me on Twitter with any questions.

32 thoughts on “APP GIVEAWAY: Comprehension TherAppy!

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  2. I appreciate all the wonderful information you share on the various apps. In a world where it’s hard to keep up, your posts help! I work mainly with preschool children and am wondering if this app would help with word finding, making associations, etc. or if it would be too high level.

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for your comment. The app may not be what you’re looking for in regards to working on those goals with preschoolers. I’d suggest checking out Naming TherAppy instead. I use it with my preschoolers frequently and it focuses specifically on word finding, making associations/semantic relationships, etc. It’s also part of the Language TherAppy Lite app, so you can test it out for free with your preschoolers to see if it would work for them. Good luck!

  3. As a SLP, I have been interested in trying this. Even more so now that my own mom has had a recent stroke. Wow, I can’t not even tell you what it is like to be on the other side. It has really opened my eyes.

    • Hi Joyce, thanks for sharing. It is definitely TOTALLY different to be a family member, even with the professional background. I hope things go as smoothly as possible for you and your mother during the journey ahead!

  4. I’ve been using naming therappy with an aphasia client and love tactus apps:) if i werent on a grad school budget id have em all right now. I suggested the customizing option for naming therappy as well. I think there’s always a role for some level of customizing. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing accent/pronounciation of a word. It also opens up the door for more languages if the slp can record words in languages other than those already listed. There’s of course the print challenge like you’ve mentioned. I can see the Read and listen option helping with phonological awareness skills in school agers. Im at the rehab institute of chicago for my last externship before graduation and have had the opportunity to meet the brain behind ORLA so this is even more meaningful now. Im hoping to work with adult neurorehab when i graduate. Fingerscrossed and hoping i win a copy πŸ™‚

    • Ooh, I just love Naming TherAppy. And trust me, I understand your limitations in regards to being on a grad school budget. πŸ™‚ I also agree with your point about the customization. I understand the challenges the developers face with this, but I hope more customization will be introduced in time. Wow, it sounds like you’ve had an awesome opportunity during your externship. Adult therapy is wonderful and so rewarding–good luck with the job hunt!

  5. I would love to try this out with my students. I am an SLP working with grade school kids. I have quite a few that have difficulty recalling details from a one to two sentence story. It would be great to try it for them… I am thinking of next year, for some of my group sessions, setting one child up on the iPad while working directly with the other child. Then it may be more like individual attention to their goals.

    • Isn’t it great that the iPad can be such a flexible tool? This particular app does not address story/sentence comprehension, so make sure it is what you are looking for before you purchase it. Definitely try out the (free) lite version so you have an idea of how it can be used! πŸ™‚

      • Ah, looking at the preview, it may be more for my FLS type students and students with autism. I plan on trying the lite version soon, just have not had the chance yet. πŸ™‚

  6. I work in an Aphasia Community Program and we have recently begun integrating iPads and Apps into our communication groups. What I love about this App is the variety of cues available to help with naming. It is especially useful for clients who are newer to Aphasia as the ‘describe’ function can help to teach people with aphasia how circumlocution can help when word-retrieval difficulty gets in the way! With the free ‘lite’ version we’ve downloaded, we’ve also seen clients learning how to cue other clients using the techniques practiced in the App!

  7. I just like having a lot of options to keep things fresh. I find children master an app but don’t always master the skill. I have used several Tactus apps for generalization and testing of mastery. I introduce with a more kid friendly app then use these as a test of sorts.

    • Good point. There is definitely a difference between a child mastering the app that teaches the skill and mastering (and generalizing) the skill within the app! It is definitely nice to have an objective test of sorts to see how they are doing outside of their typical games. Thanks so much for sharing how you use it!

  8. I am interested in trying out this particular app. I work with many children who struggle with language comprehension (ASD), and while there are some good expressive language strategies, I really feel that comprehension is often overlooked!

  9. I would love to win this app for a 2nd grade student of mine who has a global apraxia diagnosis. Her slp recommended Tactus Therapy apps for us to use in our room and since I purchased my iPad and apps, this one has been on my wish list!

  10. I really like getting a variety of apps because my kiddos, tht I work with like a variety. I am hoping this will be a good app to use with my k-5 population.

    • I’ve found it’s rather easy to adjust the app to use it with the younger children. (I’m mostly with preschoolers right now.) I like their “child-friendly mode” to help with this. Variety is definitely important! Some kids can enjoy one app for weeks or moths on end whereas others can play each app once or twice and are bored with it! Good luck with the continued app hunt. πŸ™‚

  11. I would love to win a copy of this app. I have been looking back and forth on it – do I buy this or many cheaper apps. Itnisnstillmupmin the air. I have many patients that want to practice at home and would love to not only be able to use this app with them, but also be able to recommend it to them too. So far, I have been spreading the word about the lite version πŸ™‚

      • Lol no worries, I understood what you meant. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I mentioned the price in the review. Because even though I think the app is worth it, it’s hard to justify spending that much money without getting a tangible item in return! The lite version is definitely a huge help in deciding if it’s worth your money. I wish more developers offered a way to test out the app before buying it. (Or I wish Apple would adopt Android’s policy about being able to “return” an app within 24 hours if it wasn’t what you were looking for–it was a shock for me when I switched from Droid to iPhone and realized I couldn’t do that anymore.)

  12. I have Naming Therapy and love it. I use it for rapid naming, giving attributes, expressive vocabulary, categories and much more. I would love to learn more about Tactus TherAppy’s other apps.

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